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Composite cans

Composite cans are generally used for product packagings which are durable, portable and stackable. Composite cans which have extended shelf life helps preserve the freshness of the product. Its vast applications are not only applied for Food product packaging but also for industries such as Agarbattis, Explosives, Perfumes, and Bottles etc…

Paper Tubes

Najmi Industries are the leading spiral / parallel wounded tubes, supplier of excellent quality and high durability and also eco friendly. Made from 100% recycled paper and board and it has got no other alternative in the market. We give our customers environmentally friendly packaging, product labeling, unique product, package design and different kind of closures for the packaging as per the specifications and provide in terms of size and design.

Paper Cores

Najmi Industries also manufacture spiral/parallel winding cores. These paper cores can be of any specification based on customized product dimensions. We manufacture as per the specification provided in terms of diameter, thickness, length, top layer or with any specific finish etc…

Tins & Containers

Najmi industries supply tin containers with various size ranges. We are well known for our quality products and our clients trust us only for quality concerns. We take measures to verify our product quality with different tests.