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Welcome to Najmi Industries

Najmi Industries are the Pioneers in the business market of Paper cores, composite cans and paper tubes supplies. Established since 1985 with over 400 clients throughout the country successfully operating in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Najmi Industries having its manufacturing outlets at Mumbai, Baroda and Bangalore have supplied for various industries and product range such as Food container products, Beverage containers, Textile industries, Silk and Fabric Industries, Agarbatti industries, Perfumes, Explosives, Fax Rolls, Toilet Rolls etc…\

Najmi Industries is now offering a new generation of natural and recyclable packaging products. In an effort to provide the packaging industry with green alternatives, we are considering the environment when we select our raw materials, the majority of which is now recycled paper.
Eco Friendly paper tube cores manufacturer

While manufacturing eco-friendly packaging supplies, we want to minimize its environmental impact, and protecting our environment is consistent with our general philosophy here as we continue to produce quality, recyclable packaging for our eco-friendly consumers.

Our cardboard tubes are all green packaging materials that can be recycled or re-used because it is our goal to provide sustainable packaging that protects your products and the environment.

Our Products